We have direct experience with multiple home automation systems since 2011. The need initially arose with the basics of switching a light on/off. However, the challenge was that the blinds were always open. This led to researching other options to automate the blinds as well and so our journey through the I.O.T began.


Our first real automation system was based on a ZWave controller that could perform the basic task of closing the blinds, before switching on a light. The additional benefit of this system was that it was aware of timezones and could thus adjust the trigger, based on the changing sunset window.

With the basic foundation in place, some of the additional power was unleashed, to automate the thermostat and some power hungry devices through plug points and later light switches.

Over time, cameras were added and the ecosystem started to fragment, as each manufacturer required their own app to view and control devices.

A system was required to tie all the separate devices together to more fully realize the potential of all the devices working together.

So we invite you to join us on this journey as we independently analyze and review products and practices in this arena to assist the user in coming up with the best possible solutions. Check out our blog which records some of our experiences and feel free to contact us via mail regarding advice specific to your situation.


The more recent threats from exposed IoT devices drove the need for a solution to be local and not exposed to the world.